Gaia Trussardi resigns from creative director role in family label

On 13th April, with a laconic, unexpected note, Italian fashion label Trussardi announced that Gaia Trussardi has resigned from the role of Creative Director after five years in charge.

Trussardi - Autumn/Winter 2018 - Womenswear – Milan - © PixelFormula

The reason given for Gaia Trussardi’s decision was that she resigned “to pursue new professional challenges.” Trussardi, which is controlled by the eponymous family via the Finos holding company, offered no further information besides this catch-all phrase. It did not reveal who the label’s future creative director will be, while thanking Gaia Trussardi for her contribution to the label’s international expansion and to the transformation of “the image of its collections.”

In February, at the latest Milan Fashion Week, Trussardi showcased a collection that was both highly innovative and consistent with its heritage. At the time, Gaia Trussardi told that, as creative director, her intention was to give a more contemporary feel to the DNA of a label which was known above all for its classic style.
Under the aegis of CEO Tomaso Trussardi, Gaia Trussardi’s brother, the label, founded in 1911, embarked on a restructuring plan involving the company’s entire infrastructure, from IT to logistics to a new e-tail site. Also, the Tru Trussardi line was terminated, and the label’s commercial approach now focuses on two retail lines: a high-end collection and T Trussardi, the range catering to younger consumers.
In 2018, Trussardi is looking to bolster its distribution network in Russia and China, and above all in Italy, where it plans to open up to 20 directly owned stores within two years. Globally, the target is to open 60 new stores in four years.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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