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Maison Ravn reinvents luxury leather goods

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Maison ravn reinvents the idea of luxury leather goods, mixing rare materials with precious leather. claudia ravnbo, norwegian mother of 4 and passionate about design, creates unique bags like pieces of art. she welcomes us into her home in the heart of paris in her creative and family space.interview with claudia ravnbo:my scandinavian and norwegian origins are very important in everything i do, from the design, to my choice of colours and in the shapes i use, so they’re such a big source of inspiration.i start by finding my primary materials, and i look for them in auction sales throughout the world. all our leather is only worked in tanneries in france and italy.we find material from the 18th, 17th and 16th centuries that is still very modern in colour and composition, so they become my starting point for designs as well as for my brand, mixing leather with precious materials.this is the latest vegan bag, so there is a real mix of fabrics from the 18th and 19th centuries and from venice, india, france and turkey as well as the little painting in the inside of the bag.i am an artist and painter, so effectively i work like i’m painting as the composition is the same. i think of the colours, images and graphic compositions in my head. i am obsessed with everything patterned.we often work like this. we chose the most beautiful part and we integrate it into the design, and sometimes the coincidences that happen in life are great.true luxury is to have something that no one else has. so it’s simple, the moment we have something that no one else has it becomes luxurious.