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Prabal Gurung - Womens Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designer: prabal gurunginspiration: for the 10th birthday of his brand, prabal gurung asks himself the question of ‘’how do we become an american?’’ the designer always wants to portray a message, this question on his birthday around the idea of migration and belonging to a country.collection: the show begins as a blank page, with outfits in this tone, reinforcing the idea of deep and beautiful cuts. then the fashion show follows with bright reds, the colour of love and passion. to finish there is a mixture of flowers and powdery colours. the materials are always luxurious, the dresses all have a recognisable touch of the designer like the bows, the drapes and the cut-out details. the seersucker brings a touch of freshness and the ballgowns recall the idea of a joyful and festive america.interview :prabal gurung : this particular collection is a conversation, a question and a celebration of being american and who gets to be american. i wanted to celebrate that, i wanted to celebrate the american dreams and american hope and you know there is a lot of colours, it starts with the jeans and t-shirts and that’s classic americana and moves onto this bouquet of flowers and roses which is the american national flower and i also love it and in celebration of the evening gowns which is also a big american institution so it’s a hopeful message hopefully of optimism, of believing in your dreams and making your dreams come true no matter whoever says whether it belong to you or not. the textures are extremely important because it kind of gives definition to the collection. a lot of this you will see, these for instance are all lace fabrics that we had, we’ve repurposed them, for instance this is another fabric that we recycled. we had sequins and sequins of yard so we cut them into pieces and sewed them together. there is an upcycle denim, there is a white cotton and a cashmere that is made in nepal that is all recyclable. so there is an approach to sustainability, recyclability and i always feel that even if i do like 1% of it, it’s a good start.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).