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R-Evolution - French Touch : Margaret or the revival of the fifties dress

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R-evolution french touch margaret or the revival of the fifties dress interview with christine arnaud : the fact that i went to this shop on rue duhesme in parisa vintage shop, i spotted quickly,rather high up in the air, in fact,lots of prints and lots of dresses.it's the seventies spirit of these looks, these dresses.the prints, of course, but also the spirit, the cuts, the midi length,the ties on the models around their necks, above the neckline.and there, somewhere, it's my adolescence.romy schneider in the films of claude sautet,stéphane audran in chabrol's films, marlene jobert.it was that whole era that lulled my adolescence.and that's what i liked about it.margaret sélection was founded in 1951,with its glory years in the 70s… and then was forgottenbefore the brand and name were reboughtby christine and her two daughters,making it into a cooler brandwhy are these vintage dresses so special?for me, margaret, reflects the look, the style, the allure.it's joyful france.but hasn’t the woman changed a lot?femininity has obviously changed and today, it is not at all the sameespecially for a younger generation.and for me margaret still responds to this youthand the new generation to which i belong.these are products that can be twisted,personalised and which can be truly tailored to the needs ofeach person, each woman.it is precisely this that we are addressing and and this is margaret's objective:to speak to lots of women from different generations.the idea is not to go for the mass market, but to aim for singularitywhich it seems we search for today.since we will consume less, we will consume better,and women will also be able to feel a little unique.